With OnPlan, you can easily:

Segment patients who can pay in full and those who need payment options.

OnPlan’s proprietary segmenting engine identifies patients likely to need a payment plan and those probable to pay in full. Qualified patients are presented with customized payment plan options while patients ready to pay their full balance are directed to OnPlan’s easy online payment system.

Automatically activate the right installment and terms.

Patients are empowered to self-activate a pre-qualified payment plan with the installment and terms that fit their budget. A robust CRM interface gives CSRs the power to further tailor payment plan terms on an individual basis. By offering customized payment arrangements and full online billing capabilities, patient loyalty and satisfaction increase, as does their propensity to pay.

Combine accounts into existing payment plans.

OnPlan combines all accounts at the individual or family level. Additional services can be rolled into existing plans and monthly payment amounts or terms are adjusted automatically.

Eliminate card data transmission and storage.

With validated point-to-point encryption and tokenization, your patients’ credit card data is protected by preventing card storage or transmission across your networks. That virtually eliminates the risk of data breach at every point in the transaction lifecycle–in use, in transit, and at rest–and achieves PCI/DSS compliance without network segmentation.

Easy and Accessible Payment Methods

Integration with multiple payment sources allows OnPlan Health to serve patients in any environment they choose. Whether they prefer to use a smart phone, tablet, or computer, your patients can pay quickly and conveniently with OnPlan’s intuitive system.

While the majority of patients on a payment plan prefer to pay online, check payments made in person or through the U.S. Mail can also be entered into the system. There are no restrictions on patient payment methods. Patients receive email and/or text alerts when their payment is due or when an automated payment has been processed, with links to their online or mobile account. As a result, your patients are more likely to stay on top of their payments and fulfill their payment plan terms.

Seamless Integration

OnPlan is designed to be branded to your organization and function within your revenue cycle workflow and web/mobile environment. Our expert team works onsite with yours to ensure a seamless integration and personalized training.

Customized Reporting Tools

Financial details and reports are available via a dashboard that allows efficient tracking and analysis of payment plan activity.